19.06.2020–28.06.2020 Prospectuses AAIR

Aurélie Bayad, Che Go Eun, Zoë Field, Tom Hallet, Julia Dahee Hong, Jakub Hošek, Béla Juttner, Joud Toamah

As art spaces and other venues are carefully and tentatively reopening their doors, AAIR is more than ever concerned with the question of what it means to become public. Its premises is at once a living space, a workplace and a meeting place. AAIR’s artists-in-residence present their work in this hybrid setting — myriad responses to their individual and collective experience of the lockdown.

Prospectuses brings together pastoral fairytales, diary drawings, visceral videos, and sculptures and performances referencing art as a transaction or service. In finance, a prospectus is a statement that forecasts the nature and value of a project or an enterprise. This exhibition reclaims the word in a broader sense, as an act of viewing that anticipates the unknown, regardless of any measurable outcome.

The laws of hospitality now require a controlled and hygienic environment that is somewhat in conflict with the social proximity that the house usually allows for. Please note that we can only accommodate four visitors at a time, so make sure to sign up for your preferred time slot here. If you wish to visit the exhibition by appointment, please email us at info@aair.be. We advise you to wear a face mask.

The exhibition is open from 19.06.20 — 28.06.20, from 14:00—18:00
Performances every Saturday and Sunday:
• Internet Gift Cult by Aurélie Bayad (20 & 27.06.2020, 15:00—16:00 & 17:00—18:00)
• One for Another by Béla Juttner (21 & 28.06.2020, 15:00—15:30 & 17:00—17:30)