PUBLIC FIGURE #1: Tramaine de Senna

Public Figure is a new series of temporary commissions for the public space of the Stadspark, Antwerp’s main municipal park. Since its inauguration in 1869, the park is adorned with statues and monuments depicting or celebrating noted historical figures such as painters and poets, monarchs, and military men. Now, a disused stone plinth offers contemporary artists the opportunity to add new figures to this vacant space and by doing so, reflect upon the meaning of public representation today. Who do we put on a pedestal? Who deserves a statue? Who gets to occupy common space?

The inaugural edition of Public Figure presents a new sculpture by artist Tramaine de Senna (1981, California, lives and works in Antwerp), who in her work explores possible transformations and ambiguous manifestations of body, identity and form.

Public Figure is initiated and curated by Samuel Saelemakers, Curator Collectie Kunst in de Stad (Public Art Collection) – Middelheim Museum, Antwerp

Address: Stadspark (nearby the playground), Rubenslei, 2018 Antwerp

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