Quay Brothers: CURFEWS

The Quay Brothers’ first exhibition at Tommy Simoens offers a combination of drawings, objects, graphic prints and projections conceived as immaterial dioramas. These monochromatic stagings are frequently haunted by short animated film sequences that depict isolation in the form of objects and figures against the fabric of anonymous architecture: trams, pylons, tower blocks. With the title of the show, the brothers invite the viewer on a night-time excursion through a series of enigmatic scenes.

For this exhibition, the brothers have produced, for the first time, a limited edition of four graphic prints. These prints are based on The Black Drawings, a suite of imaginary film posters that, in hindsight, appear as a kind of blueprint for their later œuvre. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a book on the Black Drawings, published by Tommy Simoens and Ludion.