25.05.2018–10.06.2018 Radical hope Hole Of The Fox
Radical hope

Stef Van Looveren

The Hot Fox presents a solo exhibition by Stef Van Looveren.

His practice translates itself into video installation, photo and collage. He uses the installations as an attempt to reflect and dismantle the performative of our human behavior, primarily within the notion of gender. Playfully mimicking our social conducts along with visual culture, his work moves towards a surreal gesture. At Hotfox, he’ll create a space intertwining our virtual and physical experience. Teaming up with artviewer.org, the spectator is asked to take their smartphone out as a form of interaction, layering several mediums together.

Stef Van Looveren (1992) is an Antwerp based artist. He studied Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins, London and Sint Lucas, Antwerp.


Opening during the Antwerp Art Weekend, 25 May 2018. Reception at 18h.