This exhibition is the first result of the project "Referring, an exploration of the use of references in architecture and in art". In this project Dirk Janssen looks for the role and meaning of referring in the artistic process. He wanted to make the use of references visible and open to discussion and therefore, in addition to a literature study, he had conversations with nine artists, including architects. These conversations with Steven Aalders, Jantje Engels and Marius Grootveld, John Körmeling, Jasper Rigole, Dirk Somers, Koen Van Bockstal, Benjamin Verdonck, Leon Vranken and Erik Wiëers led to letters describing and analyzing their use of references.
The exhibition REFERERE presents the result of the discussions with the nine artists / architects in nine image arrangements. In addition, Kate Kerkhofs and Pieterjan Maes (master's students of architecture) also show a re-arrangement, a shuffle that seeks image connections between the material of the different tables.
Based on the letters and the literature study, a first taxonomic (re) arrangement was made as the basis for further exploration. It will be published in ONTO-03 * together with the letters and a visual essay by Maximiliaan Royakkers.