Jesse Willems & Babs Decruyenaere


Schönfeld Gallery sets its sights upon 'renaissance': first, a duo exhibition, including Jesse Willems & Magda Amarioarei in Schönfeld Gallery Brussels. Afterwards, Jesse Willems & Babs Decruyenaere in Schönfeld Projects Antwerp. Both dialogues are curated by the Antwerp artist Jesse Willems, who, each time, chose an artist based in the city where the exciting interplay can be seen. The title 'renaissance' calls for hope and optimism. Looking ahead and reflecting on new beginnings, that's what it is all about. Jesse Willems makes collages with more color. Babs Decruyenaere digs into her archive of stones, shells and other collected finds. Magda Amarioarei shows new paintings and ceramic sculptures. Tradition, erosion, the chaos surrounding us: at a certain point, their art turns it into refreshing work, often on the verge of abstraction.

Artists: Jesse Willems & Babs Decruyenaere