Roy Mordechay

'Silent Partners'

PLUS-ONE Gallery is very excited to announce the first solo exhibition by Roy Mordechay at the gallery.

It's all in the eye of the beholder: depending on how you look at Roy Mordechay's work, there is constantly something new to discover in his enigmatic worlds. His art plays with our perception, transforming like puzzle pieces at different angles. Sometimes it is the format itself that reveals a new, deceptive perspective: grained wood inlaid with canvas. So, how does human perception work? This question takes on new meaning, particularly in our modern social media age. New information is constantly rushing through our feeds; we consume hundreds of images in a single day. They are like driftwood in a stream of impressions, with only a few remaining in our minds. Mordechay captures them on pastel-coloured backgrounds after sketching them digitally, their colour gradients reminiscent of digital aesthetics.

Excerpt of the exhibition text written by Julia Stellmann

Artists: Roy Mordechay

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