Toon Leën


Dashes are undoubtedly the most distracting of all punctuation marks. They operate in this world in a rich variety of sizes. Besides the often used standard lengths—namely en and em dashes—there are many obscure non-standard lengths in operation–––such as double or triple em dashes. In addition, as a typographical element, the dash can vary widely in thickness, colour and position. This remarkable diversity is not always given much attention.

We are therefore delighted to announce that Toon Leën—an artist with a healthy interest in dashes—has managed to convince us that the title of his exhibition—Sarah Bal—would benefit greatly when put between two dashes: allowing it to be read both as an homage to the phenomenon of the dash and to the visual artist Sarah Bal. On view from 6 February until 12 March 2022, the exhibition will feature two lecture performances, a video installation and a group of nicely coloured paintings–––amounting to an hour and above of viewing pleasure.

Artists: Toon Leën

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