05.05.2019–23.06.2019 Schrijversportretten De Zwarte Panter

Kris Vanhemelrijck

Vanhemelrijck’s large portraits are snapshots of writers’ lives. In his mixed media drawings, the aura of their body of work shines through. The works seem to arise from a personal relationship between the artist and the depicted writers.

Image: Kris Vanhemelrijck, 'Jack Kerouac', mixed media, 110 x 70cm, 2017

De Zwarte Panter presents four exhibitions simultaneously: Wim De Schamphelaere 'Exchanging Looks', Frieda Van Dun 'NatuurElle', Michael Bastow 'African Queens', and Kris Vanhemelrijck 'Schrijversportretten'.


04.05.2019, 16:00 - 21:00