Jason Gringler


TICK TACK is proud to present 'Screens' the first Belgian solo exhibition of Jason Gringler (1978, Toronto, CA).

Jason Gringler was born in Toronto, Canada and spent a decade living and working in New York.
He relocated to Berlin in September 2017. His work has been included in recent exhibitions at König Galerie (Berlin) Steve Turner (Los Angeles), Brand New Gallery (Milan), Parisian Laundry (Montreal), Galerie Stefan Röpke (Cologne) and Ashes/Ashes (New York).

Reflective media gives numerous lives to the objects Gringler produces depending on one’s own narrative as well as one’s physical positioning in front of his work. The mirror acts simultaneously as a barrier, a window, a screen and almost as a cinematic space. When the spectator moves, the light changes thus the work changes. It is a simple tactic to allow for kinetic experience with static objects. Architecture has a profound effect on his work (steel, glass, concrete, etc.) and reflective material is a somewhat manipulative tool to allow for his work to align itself with the architectural space where it is situated, and thus allowing the viewer to consider the work as something that is in a state of continual change.

This exhibition ‘Screens’ is Gringler's solo debut in Belgium. TICK TACK's brutalist architectural setting with its large glass window, the changing daylight and cinema program all add to the total viewer experience.

Artists: Jason Gringler

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