Sam Druant

Setting the Stage

Setting the Stage

For the annual window exhibition in which a work of art is presented uninterruptedly every day during the month of January, LLS Paleis for 2024 is showing new work by Sam Druant (°1998 in Antwerp, lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden).

Since the intervention of 019, the window is no longer the extension of the façade of the building but creates a covered terrace/stage. Sam Druant further elaborates this architectural intervention on the inside.

The work "Setting the Stage" depicts a setting, a scene. The title, however, means "preparing the path", “to make it possible for something else to happen”, and that is likewise what she attempts, and what is a common thread in her work.

Using textile work, a medium that historically has not been recognized as full-fledged in the visual arts because it is reminiscent of women and the domestic sphere, Druant connects different voices that question and deconstruct a dominant conception.

Finissage on Sunday the 4th of February: at 3 PM Indra Devriendt will interview Sam Druant (language: Dutch) followed by "Kaffee und Kuchen". Welcome!

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