Odette Claeys

Shake, Rattle and Roll

"Get out of that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans," Bill Haley and His Comets blared through the radio in 1954. It is exactly what self-taught artist Odette Claeys (°1953, aka Mutidaddy) does every day. She kneads, models and bakes to her heart's content.

Odette rejects the rules of the conventional art world and models out of the box. She intuitively but controlled follows her own design language and themes. These are colorful, surprising and often funny. The sculpture-clay works show unbridled daring and an uninhibited eye. When her sculptures are brought together as a group, they engage in dialogue and possess the power of an unexpected conversation. Together they form an imaginative universe in which one may get lost without limit.

" When a loaf of bread, for instance, is in the oven, cracks appear in it here and there; and these flaws, though not intended in the baking, have a rightness of their own, and sharpen the appetite." wrote the stoic Marcus Aurelius. In a similar way, Odette's sculptures manage to tell unplanned stories. Behind their constant threat to burst open is a ripe and heady experience.

Odette runs the ceramics workshop at Sint Lucas Antwerpen. She exhibited at Hole Of the Fox (Beeldenstorm, 2017) in 2017. ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’ is her second exhibition.

Open: 12-23/05 : mo-fr: 10u-16uh+ 18-20/05: th-sa 14-18u. (su 21/05 closed)

Vernissage: we May 17 mei: 17- 22h.

Artists: Odette Claeys

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