Liesbet Grupping & Nick Geboers

Sights of Light

Sights of Light is a duo exhibition by Belgian photographers Liesbet Grupping and Nick Geboers.

To capture the world of light; this seems indeed an appropriate way to define photography. But, what does ‘capture’ mean in this instance? Is photography an optical instrument to reduce the vast world into a miniature image that we can carry around as if it were a highly prized possession? Or is it on the contrary a medium that turns the tables on us, that presents us with a vision of a world that radically excludes us? Is photography a tool to harvest the world, and thereby to own it, or is it an instrument of dispossession, a way for us to jolt ourselves out of our anthropocentric beliefs? These are (only some of) the questions that are addressed by the works in this show.

Artists: Liesbet Grupping & Nick Geboers