26.01.2020–14.03.2020 Silence is so accurate Galerie Geukens & De Vil

"In my glorious isolation, I am illuminated by the marvelous incandescence of my electrically charged nerves."
(Manuel Maples Arce, 1921)

The hyper mediatized world of contemporary society imposes a continuous flux of impressions, images and sound, of which the resulting sensorial saturation evokes a longing for repose and even silence. Perceived as an illusory cessation of all sounds, silence also inescapably remains an element of dialogue.

The exhibition aims to open this dialogue by consciously introducing a pause that captures our attention. It is not providing any obvious or fixed conventional meanings. Lines, shapes, rhythm, color, raw materials or contemplative repetition create serenity, stillness, timeless content or imprenetrability. Immersed, we encounter various forms of silence, and experience how it can truly be ‘so accurate’ - as Rothko stated more than six decades ago.

Artists: Ayan Farah (°1978, UAE), Matthew Allen (°1981, NZ), Günter Umberg (°1942, DE), Per Kesselmar (°1960, SE), Jean-Baptiste Besançon (°1985, FR), John Zurier (°1956, US), Christoph Weber (°1974, AU), Pieter Vermeersch (°1973, BE), Anna-Eva Bergman (°1909, SE- †1987, FR), Hana Milétic (°1982, HR), Lucia Bru (°1970, BE), Matthew Feyld (°1985, CA), Benjamin Sabatier (°1978, FR), Nika Neelova (°1987, RU), Francesco de Prezzo (°1994, IT).

Curator: Lien Craps


Sunday 26 January from 2-5pm