03.11.2019–01.12.2019 I Sing the Space Electric mariondecannière

Anna Godzina

" I am interested in notions of sound, movement and time-keeping all as cycles of construction and destruction in an era that is marked by the direction of advanced mechanization.
Beyond the aesthetical aspect of my work, I deal with what the object carries in its physical sense: weight, gravity and force –at the same time I develop my work following the rules of functionality while always embracing the unexpected.
Most of my sculptures perform on its own, I exploit the confidence that an engine provides and its ability to repeat sounds and motion patterns but what also interests me is to discover the errors and ruptures in their controlled movement.
I am researching the ability of sound to reshape, unfold and energize our perception of space, looking into the acoustic property of objects and forms that surround us.
Everything in the universe, including us, vibrates, moves, nothing is still. Everything and everyone is part of that infinite song played by the vibration of numerous quantum instruments."