16.05.2019–29.06.2019 A salute to the wheel mariondecannière
A salute to the wheel

Leon Vranken

For artist Leon Vranken, the wheel has many reasons to be the centre of focus for his upcoming exhibition at Marion de Cannière. Considered by many as being one of the first inventions is remarkable, as today it is one of the most commonplace devices; the wheel’s mechanical function is integral to our daily living. Vranken finds this facinating, as well as being amused by the thought that the first known wheel, surprisingly, is that of a potter rather than a device used in transportation.
Also a point of interest is the wheel’s constant rhythm, the repetitive, rotary action, returning to its origin, changing but remaining the same. As well as the wheel, Vranken finds similar overlooked domestic objects to reconsider and elevate; creating paintings, sculptures and interventions with the purity of the simplest of forms.


16.05.2019 - 18:00