Filip Cleynen, Félix Hannaert, Kaat Van Doren

Space Matters

For the last show of the season, we invited Antwerp- & Berlin-based artist Filip Cleynen to present a series of recent works, mainly focussing on questioning experience and perception. One of his interventions is a spatial installation that occupies the entire third room of the gallery resulting in an inaccessible piece that is only perceivable from the outside.

Our second guest is Félix Hannaert, some of whose meticulously layered meditative paintings we already showed two years ago. In this new selection we highlight Félix’s focus on colour, line and transparency. His pieces often evoke a third, architectural dimension, thus linking his work to Filip’s.

We also invited Kaat Van Doren to stage an intervention in the garden pavilion. Kaat investigates the concept of 'nature' and reflects on the western paradoxical relationship with it. She is steadily developing a sustainable artistic practice in which the ‘passing of time’ claims its place and becomes a medium.

Alongside their work we will propose other guest presentations and a selection of key works from the ZEIT collection.

Artists: Filip Cleynen, Félix Hannaert, Kaat Van Doren