Fia Cielen, Julie De Kezel

Spectral Harvest

DMW Gallery is thrilled to present 'Spectral Harvest', a duo exhibition by Fia Cielen and Julie De Kezel. The exhibition presents a narrative where spirits and scarecrows coexist in harmony, the former guiding visitors through a journey of enchanted landscapes, the latter illuminating unseen threads connecting the terrestrial to the ethereal.

'Spectral Harvest: Spirits, Scarecrows, and the Ethereal Fields' explores the concept of environmental alchemy, with the scarecrows transforming from traditional protectors of crops to symbols of ecological stewardship. Cielen and De Kezel invite visitors to contemplate the interconnectedness between the spiritual and agricultural realms, fostering a renewed sense of responsibility towards the Earth.

Cielen's ethereal drawings, sculptures, and monumental prints serve as portals to a dimension where spirits and elements intertwine. De Kezel’s installations focus on biodiverse microorganisms that transcend the boundaries of the physical and metaphysical. Together, their works invite contemplation on the mysterious forces that shape the natural world and the role of guardianship in environmental sustainability.

Artists: Fia Cielen, Julie De Kezel

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