16.05.2020–27.06.2020 29 synonyms for ‘hammered into’ and a family pack of yokes Moonstreet

Stefaan Dheedene

"29 synonyms for ‘hammered into’ and a family pack of yokes" - solo exhibition

This is a show and this show serves as a lending service!

An arrangement of 9 frames displays a series of 29 hammers. All hammers are various in length and weight with a variety of heads and handles. Additionally, a series of 9 yokes in 3 variations are displayed together on a circular stand.

All the hammers and yokes can be borrowed and taken home leaving the show with empty gaps. They can be useful or not but you can hold on to them until we can be together.

Yuri G. Gallery is a contemporary art gallery created by Stefaan Dheedene and Simon Delobel and generously hosted by Moonstreet, Antwerp.


No opening! Please send an email to moonstreetantwerp@gmail.com or a sms to +32 493 07 81 53 to make a appointment for your visit.