Narcisse Tordoir, Sam Samiee, Image Freaks


At the heart of Still Light are two monumental pastel works by Narcisse Tordoir. After the Tiepolo inspired series The Pink Spy, which was shown at the M HKA in 2015, Tordoir confronts us with new themes such as 'shadow', 'death' and 'identity'. As curator of the exhibition Tordoir invited the Iranian artist Sam Samiee and the Belgian duo Image Freaks.
Similar to Tordoir, Samiee is trying to redefine painting. He combines several techniques: oil, acrylic, drawing and iPad sketching. By bringing together these diverse media, Samiee emphasizes the painting process itself. Last year, after his residency at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam, Sam Samiee received the Royal Award for Modern Painting.
Tordoir often works with Image Freaks, a duo formed by photographer Ronald Stoops and make-up artist Inge Grognard. Tordoir selected two prints from a project that they carried out for fashion designer Jurgi Persoons in DUST magazine with Patrick Van Ommeslaeghe as the project's stylist.
The shadows in the pastels of Narcisse Tordoir's work, the Crucifixion paintings by Sam Samiee and the dark prints of Image Freaks make Still Light an intense experience that will undoubtedly move the visitor.

Artists: Narcisse Tordoir, Sam Samiee, Image Freaks