Stef Van Looveren

Studio Start

DPA bags

Stef Van Looveren's practice translates itself into video installation, performance and sculpture. He uses the installations as an attempt to reflect and dismantle the performativity of our human behaviour, primarily within the notion of gender. Playfully mimicking our social conducts along with visual culture, his work moves towards a surreal gesture.

At the Antwerp Art Pavilion he will present his new work 'DPA bags', A collection of functionless bags

Stef Van Looveren (1992) is an Antwerp based artist. He studied Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins, London and Sint Lucas, Antwerp.
In 2016 Stef Van Looveren won the third edition of the STRT Schot award, an initiative of Studio Start vzw, awarding a prize to a graduate artist selected out of the two art schools in Antwerp (St Lucas Antwerpen and KASKA)

With the support of Antwerp Art and Studio Start

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