Hanne Van Dyck

Crush Barrier

'Crush Barrier', a video made during a summer sojourn in a large empty hotel in high alpine territory, is part of an ongoing investigation by Hanne Van Dyck into the human relationship with nature. Facing solitude, silence and isolation, her artistic registry and agency became a meticulous balance act of applying oneself to an environment, a landscape, and to make deductions from that application. Threatened with becoming a detached island of signification, Van Dyck reached out to the natural scene on site.

“While instead of making a silent retreat after such deceiving appointment with a mountain, to make a return to business as usual, so to speak, Van Dyck seems to overcome these initial hesitations and tensions by maximizing a poetic resourcefulness in her work.” – Niekolaas Lekkerkerk

Hanne Van Dyck (°1985) is a visual artist from Belgium, working in and with the in- between zone: between nature and culture, language and experience, between dream, imagination and reality, fear and fascination. Using traveling as a working method, Van Dyck translates fieldwork into mixed media installations, videos and publications. Researching the human relationship with mountains, she did residencies in Lijiang Studio and TCG Nordica, China, Villa Ruffieux and Institut Furkablick, Switzerland and Queens Residency, Morocco.

Artists: Hanne Van Dyck