Céline Gillain

Superhost 2023: ANTENA. Listening to the walls.

How can we consciously take care of our attention in an increasingly loud and oversaturated world? Such is the question raised during ANTENA, a year-long programme dedicated to listening. Conceived by artist and musician Céline Gillain, the 2023 cycle of Superhost offers a diverse sequence of performative, discursive, and listening sessions spanning the year. ANTENA will bring together guest artists, DJ’s, musicians, and thinkers from Belgium and abroad in a collective endeavour.

Nested on the top floor of M HKA and accessible free of charge to all, ANTENA works as both a safe.r space for collective listening practices and an observation post aware and critical of the context it inhabits. ANTENA invites us to listen—with our bodies—to the walls (be they physical or intangible) that delineate the spaces we inhabit as individuals and communities.

Compounding a variety of the themes, ideas, and experiences conceptualised by Céline Gillain in her work over the years in the margins of the music industry, art institutions, and education systems, ANTENA asks: How can we develop a more environmental attention—based on reciprocity and less on consumption, competition or profit—in order to care for the relations that sustain our individual and collective lives? How can we decolonise listening and expand critical sound practices?

ANTENA’s immersive environment offers optimal conditions for listening, it’s equipped to receive and transmit live and recorded sounds.

Artists: Céline Gillain

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