Sharon Van Overmeiren

Take Out

Looking for a state of rapture that leaves the body stupefied while the spirit is out?
You have come to the right place for an abundance of soul food to fill the hollow body.
Don’t eat with your hands, don't forget to compliment the chef,

but as long as your mouth is full, don’t speak.

Add a pill if you want ecstasy.

Take a second serving,
even when replete – to fill the dark corner in your core.

The large hole in your chest that you cannot fill, though you try.

Don't worry, you are not alone.

We all follow the leader, with an open throat,
asking to be force-fed.

Sacred celebrations of life and death?

Receive, swallow, want more.

Consume, digest, choke on it, doggy bag the rest.
To take out, to eat out of context.
But if we are what we eat, are we uprooted then?
Out of context existentially?

Hollow bodies moved by a mouth, a void. 

Like a serpent eating its tail.
But a circle closing in on itself, is a whole around a hole, in a way.
Maybe what's missing is in fact what connects us here?
For knowledge, add. For wisdom, take away.
What happens, when the soul leaves its usual dark place, the hole well hidden inside?
What divine things does it contemplate? 

What does the moving soul bring out into the light?

Isn't emptiness full of things, full of beings?
When soft hands – tender to the void –
fold bodies open with slender fingers,

the multitudes they contain may come out to play.

Artists: Sharon Van Overmeiren

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