Max Pinckers and Werner Bischof

Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement - Max Pinckers in dialogue with Werner Bischof

In 2015 Belgian artist Max Pinckers created a series in Japan 'Two Kinds of Memory and Memory Itself', being the result of visual research on preconceived Western clichés of Japanese culture. The dialogue with Werner Bischof's (1916-54) work created in Japan in 1951 began by accident when Pinckers was still with Magnum Photos. For an exhibition Pinckers randomly placed his work on top of other Magnum photographers' prints in drawers, creating unexpected combinations between his work and the archive. Pinckers met Bischof through his image of a woman in kimono, superimposed on a snowy landscape with men in traditional dress. Pinckers subsequently explored Bischof's archive creating an installation bringing two European views on Japan together. This installation was exhibited at Photo London 2017 and can now be admired at IBASHO.
Exclusively for the exhibition at IBASHO, Pinckers has created additional surprising and ingenious combinations of his and Bischof's Japan images.
More vintage works from Bischof's Japan series will be exhibited as well. All works from Bischof have been made available by Magnum.

Artists: Max Pinckers and Werner Bischof