Masters Sint Lucas Antwerpen

Teach me to forget

"Our courses have come to an end for this academic year and we find ourselves reflecting on what has changed in these last months. School teaches you many things, some you want and some you don’t. But most importantly, at art school we learn things about our work and through that inherently about ourselves. The fog of colder days has lifted. The sun is out and we are light. Clear-sighted we reflect back. What is it here that we want to keep, and what do we want to unlearn or forget?"

In this show, 11 Master and Premaster students from Sint Lucas are asking themselves this very question and present to you the answers they have found.

Participating artists:
Delphine Spinnox (PreMaster in Digital context)
Geraldo Dos Santos (Master in Autonomous context)
Nastia Krasinskaia (PreMaster in Autonomous context)
Lies Jacobs (Master in Autonomous context)
Julia Tröscher (PreMaster in Autonomous context)
Luca Vireak Bonelli (Master in Autonomous context)
Hsiao Hsi Chen (PreMaster in Autonomous context)
Tracy De Coninck (Master in Autonomous context)
Raquel Nobre G (Master in Autonomous context)
Susanna Ingignoli (Master in Digital context)
Valerie Vandecasteele (Master in Autonomous context)

Oude Beurs 39-41
2000 Antwerpen

Vernissage: Friday 7th July, 18-21h

Thursday - Saturday 14-18h
8th - 23rd July

Artists: Masters Sint Lucas Antwerpen

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