Margarita Maximova

TEN SLOTTE 3: Margarita Maximova

De Imagerie, Het Bos and Escautville collaborate for a third year in a row to end the year in style. Ten Slotte 3 is a six-day audiovisual program that goes past the traditional boundaries of the rectangular screen. We go past the classic one-way relationship between audience and screen, to discover a wide range of moving images.

During Ten Slotte Margarita Maximova presents new work in the exhibition space of Het Bos. Free of entrance. Opening dates: 20-23 december and 27-29 december.

Margarita Maximova (º1990, Moscow, Russia) is a belgian-russian artist who got her masters degree in Fine Arts at Sint-Lucas Ghent. Her recent work revolves around ‘digital art’, based on the unending stream of images, opinions, answers and questions that we are exposed to online on a daily basis. Search engines have become an extension of our mind, for every question that pops up, an answer is within our reach, be it of a practical, psychological or emotional nature. A certain online use of language has become something habitual and recognisable. Margarita Maximova’s work responds and plays with this, until it gets turned around into something strange.

Artists: Margarita Maximova

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