Clémence Hébert Hiele Martens

TEN SLOTTE 3: ‘Kev’ (2018, 47’) - Clémence Hébert

De Imagerie, Het Bos and Escautville collaborate for a third year in a row to end the year in style. Ten Slotte 3 is a six-day audiovisual program that goes past the traditional boundaries of the rectangular screen. We go past the classic one-way relationship between audience and screen, to discover a wide range of moving images.

Start: 20:30
Entrance: 5 euro
Info & tickets: click here

Clémence Hébert (º1979, Cherbourg, France) studied Directing at INSAS and after that Antropology. A long immersion in several psychiatric institutions brought her to La Porte Ouverte. Here she made two short films in 2014 (‘La Porte Ouverte’ & ‘Drôle de pays’) and got to know Kevin. During the following years, she follows Kevin, who suffers from a severe form of autism. Kevin doesn’t speak, but is drawn to the camera that is at all times present when they are together. It gives them a space where they can meet each other.
Clémence Hébert lets us see through the eyes of someone whose perception of the world is totally different.
The soundtrack was written by bosusuals Hiele Martens!

Followed by a performance of Hiele Martens

+ Opening Expo Margarita Maximova

Artists: Clémence Hébert Hiele Martens