Charlotte Koopman, Hadas Cna'ani


De Imagerie, Het Bos and Escautville collaborate for a third year in a row to end the year in style. Ten Slotte 3 is a six-day audiovisual program that goes past the traditional boundaries of the rectangular screen. We go past the classic one-way relationship between audience and screen, to discover a wide range of moving images.

Start: 19:30
Entrance: 19 euro
Info & tickets: click here

Otarkino is a collaboration between food collective Otark (Charlotte Koopman, Hadas Cnaani and other like-minded spirits) and film curator Vincent Stroep. Charlotte and Hadas extract an associative (and sometimes quite literal) menu, based on the visual elements, concepts and ideas of the projected film. During the screening, all the senses will be stimulated by textures, tastes, fragrances and whatnot.

+ Exhibition Margarita Maximova

Artists: Charlotte Koopman, Hadas Cna'ani