12.09.2020–24.10.2020 The Battery valerie_traan gallery

Geert Vanoorlé

(...) The practice of Vanoorlé organically evolved over the years, strolling through a painterly landscape in which musings and doubts had their place. An affable approach to the course of things. The steps towards greater abstraction, as presented in this exhibition, are not an overly rationalized caesura, but a continuation in and of its own. Where the formal language of earlier works might have referred more explicitly to their realistic source of inspiration, such as natural and everyday scenery, it is the choice of colours of the more recent works that brings about most of the associations. More than in planes fighting to get back into their figurative shape, reality exists in bright red, shrill yellow and, bottomless black.

Vanoorlé previously experimented with messing and aluminium as surface, besides canvas. Especially the pliable aluminium stimulated a new direction in his practice. The bent and upright edges give a deeper meaning to the reflection of light and colour on both the work itself and the exhibition wall. They have been a recurring element ever since, also in this exhibition. However, it is the first time that Vanoorlé also uses untreated wood and painted grids - surprising materials as an unexpected side thought. (...)

from a text by Eline Verstegen
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It is with great pleasure that we announce The Battery, the first solo exhibition by Geert Vanoorlé.

Due to the current circumstances, there will be no public opening drink.
During the opening weekend Saturday 12.09 and Sunday 13.09
you can visit the exhibition between 12 and 6 PM or make an appointment, gallery@valerietraan.be

The exhibition will run from September 12 until October 24,
we are open from Thursday to Saturday, 2 - 6 PM or by appointment.

In accordance with the social distancing regulations we will allow 15 pairs of people at the same moment in the gallery space. We ask you to wear a face mask and disinfect your hands.