Daria Gitmanovich

The Dreamers

The Dreamers, the solo expo by the young Russian artist Daria Gitmanovich is on view till the end of November.

Gitmanovich (b. 1992, Moscow) graduated from the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts in London, UK.

The show consists of the new body of work that takes on the tradition of figurative and portrait painting in order to explore female subjectivity and its representation in the contemporary culture, while at the same time celebrating painting and opening up a discussion about the possibilities of figuration in it today.

'The works often find their starting point in the immediate experience of the world around - fragments of the everyday life, social situations that I can emotionally relate to and their visual representation in the media and pop culture. Taking visual clues from different sources such as images of friends, screenshots of strangers on the instagram, pictures from fashion magazines and video stills, I then interpret them in a way that creates my own fiction. Drawing is an important part of my practice and a beginning for all my paintings. I am interested in exploring the liminal space and the transformative state between the two media. Working with a large scale allows me to be more literal with the image.'

Artists: Daria Gitmanovich