Frederick Bell and Steven Scott

The hour between dog and wolf : L’heure entre chien et loup

“The hour between dog and wolf, that is, dusk, when the two can’t be distinguished from each other, suggests a lot of other things besides the time of day…The hour in which…every being becomes his own shadow, and thus something other than himself. The hour of metamorphoses, when people half hope, half fear that a dog will become a wolf. The hour that comes down to us from at least as far back as the early Middle Ages, when country people believed that transformation might happen at any moment.”

― Jean Genet

This French saying which describes a particular time of day when the fading light makes it difficult to distinguish between similar things is appropriate for today, when even in broad daylight we can be looking in a metaphoric twilight or gloaming. In this exhibition Frederick Bell and Steven Scott show work that examines the way we look at and perceive the world through the ambiguous and often contradictory nature of images.

Artists: Frederick Bell and Steven Scott