Céline Mathieu

The Living Room: Céline Mathieu (STRT-Kit)

An evening in The Living Room with Céline Mathieu (STRT-Kit) presenting "Dog. Rooster. Pig"

‘Dog. Rooster. Pig.’ is a presentation with new works by Céline Mathieu (°1989, BE) in The Living Room. Her multi-disciplinary practice often involves play and neological constructions to make significance with what seems insignificant at first sight. Found objects and snippets of text all breathing that one fume that alarms her. For this presentation, she will be displaying objects with a slight performative character, which she encountered and mounted in her studio at AIR Antwerpen & Studio Start in the course of the past few months. A play on signification, physicality, and text. Sinking deep into the Living Room.


there is two lemons on the microwave
and a plastic pear on the closet in the living room
I like to look at them,
one has pores,
the other one doesn't

there is two types of blue on sponges
there is a folded plastic sheet
on which my grandmother drew a horse
she asked me to give it to my mother

there is blue eyeshadow on a picture I named a few years ago
and two colours of plasticine
I kept them because
I like to look at them

Artists: Céline Mathieu