Ksenija Jovišević, Maurice Doherty

The Living Room: Ksenija Jovišević & Maurice Doherty

The Living Room: Ksenija Jovišević & Maurice Doherty
Kielsevest 23-25, 2018 Antwerpen

During the Antwerp Art Weekend 2018 AIR Antwerpen presents in The Living Room a duo-presentation with artists Maurice Doherty and Ksenija Jovišević, who are current artists in residence in AIR Antwerpen.

Both artists share the same interest in the basics of existence. For Maurice Doherty this lays in an exploration of our basic everyday actions and activities. In the practice of Ksenija Jovišević it is a focus on the borders in our everyday reality and how we imagine what lies behind these borders. How future deals with imagination, while the past becomes a construction of memory.

Maurice Doherty (°1972, IRL) is a conceptual video artist. He creates interventions and actions in the studio in front of a camera, as well as in public space. Through the use of recognizable media such as neon signs, adverts in newspapers and party balloons Maurice Doherty sends out subtle messages into the world. He utilizes humor as a communication tool to spread an often dubious and ironic message as broad as possible.

Ksenija Jovišević (°1988, RS) art practice originated from drawing and painting but evolved into photography, film and installations. In one of her projects she focused on the topic of light effective disorders. During this residency Ksenija Jovišević continues her series Somewhere.Over, based on the question on what we imagine that is behind our personal borders and how the idea of the border changes in different contexts and cultures.

Artists: Ksenija Jovišević, Maurice Doherty