Puck Vonk

The Living Room: Puck Vonk (STRT-Kit)

18 July 2018, 17 - 21 h

Wednesday evening in The Living Room
with Puck Vonk (STRT-Kit)
presenting 'Free flow square yellow - graphical notations for performance’

During the visit of this event non-verbal behaviour might take place.
The performance continues in the shape of a notation present in the room,
like unveiling the script behind the scenes.

“One could simultaneously fall under the spell and have a sense of how the spell is cast.”

Puck Vonk (°1989, Netherlands) lives and works in Antwerp and Den Bosch.

Her work is framed within a linguistic performance practice. She takes up looking, reading and listening within her practice: as an act, a field of action, or a metaphor. Overlapping recordings and graphic notations act as a script that needs an active audience to complete its narrative. Puck Vonk manages to navigate the immaterial path between organ and sound to convey and reflect upon sound as a powerful, evocative tool that generates, mediates and catalyses the experience of reality. It is through this approach she raises the question on our surrounding and the way we perceive and interpret the context of social activity.

Puck Vonk recently performed at Garage Rotterdam (Detached Involvement curated by Bas Hendrikx, Brandstof event in collaboration with Poetry International). And she exhibited and performed at MMOMA Moscow Biennale for Young Art (This Site is under Revolution, curated by Barbara Cueto).


STRT-Kit 2018: Jeroen Bocken, Céline Mathieu, Ans Mertens, Puck Vonk, Chloë Delanghe
STRT-Kit is an international development year-program for visual artists based in Antwerp by Studio Start in collaboration between AIR Antwerpen, (H)Art, Kunsthal Extra City and with the financial support from Stad Antwerpen and the Flemish Community.

Artists: Puck Vonk