Bram Kinsbergen

The Mental Traveler

Bram Kinsbergen (b.1984, Belgium) tries to enlarge his own understanding of individuals and humanity at large through his work. In a very humble way, he hovers over the big and small questions about who we are and why we are who we are.

Since the advent of modern painting, the idea that a certain truth might be communicated through painting has been a recurring issue; it also animates Bram Kinsbergen’s painterly work as much as it did Paul Cézanne’s. In The Mental Traveler, his first solo exhibition with Everyday Gallery, Bram Kinsbergen fully explores this premise. At a time when everyone seems to have their own truth and individualization is affecting us more and more, Kinsbergen paints landscapes, objects, and figures that effectively characterize the tragedy of our social isolation.

Artists: Bram Kinsbergen

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