Sabine Pigalle

The World After


By Sabine Pigalle

Sabine Pigalle is a French photographer and an artist. She was born in Rouen in France in 1963, and now lives and works in Paris. Pigalle studied at Sorbonne University and worked with Helmut Newton for four years focusing on fashion photography before moving on to more personal projects.

Most of her work concentrates on the reinterpretation of myths. Religious history, mythology, Flemish primitives painters and also mannerism provide both the varied sources of her inspiration and the raw materials for artistic explorations. Pigalle produces hybrid photographs in different series, mainly dedicated to the art of portraiture, that combine the contemporary with references to ancient art.

The World After exhibition features the works from the following series: ‘Last Supper’, ‘In Memorian’, ‘Night Watch’.

Artists: Sabine Pigalle