28.02.2021 this is not an event ZEIT

Geneviève Claisse, Filip Collin, Amédée Cortier, Jo Delahaut, Ibram Lassaw, Thomas Lenk, Pol Mara, Luc Peire, Lothar Quinte, Ann Rikkers, Guy Vandenbranden, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Paul Van Hoeydonck, Geert Verbruggen, Jesse Willems, Sanford Wurmfeld, Yvaral, Rafaël Voets, Kristien Dirkx, Cel Overberghe, Eduardo Paolozzi, Victor Vasarely, Karl Gerstner, Bram Bogart, Georg Karl Pfahler, Heinz Mack

If this was 1970, ZEIT would be hosting a rock concert or a love-in but in this day and age we are forced to do things differently. With less people unfortunately.

Fifty years after Mark Verstockt published 'this is not a book', ZEIT presents 'this is not an event'. On Sunday 28 February, we offer private tours of '7x70, that was then, this is now', the exhibition that pairs new work by seven contemporary artists with pieces from the magical year 1970.

Book your time-slot through ZEIT's website.