06.03.2021–07.03.2021 This is Where the Magic Happens Sint Lucas Antwerpen

Anton Van Hertbruggen, Emma Verhulst, Sadrie Alves, Senne Claes, William Ludwig Lutgens, Sabien Clement, Eva Vermeiren, Gerard Leysen, Kevin Cuyt, Hanne Holvoet, Sassafras De Bruyn, Sander Van de Vijver, Gilani Raja, Reg Herygers, Fien Jorissen, Tom Borremans, Ephameron, Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx, Jean-Michel Meyers, Lucien De Roeck, Mattias De Leeuw, Ben Boliau, KHUAN+KTRON, Sebastiaan Van Doninck, Silke Groffy, Rosalien Helsen, Yannick Val Gesto, Sarah Vanbelle, Attila Pinter, Marc Nagtzaam

The Illustration department of the Sint Lucas School of Arts asked former students and teachers to delve into their personal archives looking for sketchbooks, sketches and research material from their student days or later.
The result is This is Where the Magic Happens – a collection of sketches, visual research ranging from loose scribbles, thumbnails, character designs, material studies and everything in between. The exhibition offers a glance into the kitchen of illustration work – it is as much an ode to drawing in all its virtuosity, as it is to the essential messiness of thinking on paper.


6 to 7 March, 14:00 -18:00
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