Ticker Tape

Ticker tape machines are a precursor to the moderncomputer-controlled
printer, it was the first technique for remotely transferring text to aprinting device. Concept: Cel Crabeels, board member NICC.

The show ‘Ticker Tape’ invites artists to provide a text-based artwork which will be uploaded onto two ticker tape led screens via wireless communication applications. The screens are shown to the public and passerby 24 on 24 in our NICC vitrine space Brussels (Rue Lambert Crickx 1, 1070 Brussels) and our BOTANICC vitrine space Antwerpen (Leopoldstraat 55, 2000 Antwerp)

The contributed artworks are displayed simultaneously and parallel, utilizing light and language to transmit artistic works entangled between two devices and two spaces. Today the physical experience of art is no longer self-evident. This project aims to explore other networks, methods, channels, and visual strategies to connect art and artist with the public.

We asked artists from whom a textual work is relevant in their oeuvre and for whom this invitation could be an artistic pleasure or challenge. The show can be seen from the street both in Antwerp as in Brussels, you can also follow it through our social media (Instagram & Facebook) and website. The participating artists will be presented while the show develops.