With the TickerTape-Parade, NICC wants to focus on the public space. As an artist-run platform, we write a collective, multi-voiced text to interact with passers-by. NICC places one ticker tape in De Studio, the beating heart of the Antwerp Art Weekend and a second one in the fresh food section of the Albert Heijn (Groenplaats, 43). After Antwerp Art Weekend, the installation will embark on a nomadic journey where it will reappear in various, perhaps unexpected places.

Ticker tape machines are a precursor of the modern computer-controlled printer, it was the first technique to remotely transfer text to a printing device. The idea behind the TickerTape-Parade stems from NICC's overarching vision that all voices may and should be received by all ears, or in this case eyes.This way, the TickerTape-Parade offers a prefix towards horizontal and inclusive interaction.

Locations: Albert Heijn, Groenplaats 43 and De Studio, Maarschalk Gerardstraat 4.