Tommy Simoens has the pleasure to present TIMOTHY SEGERS: NEVER WITH A BARE FACE.

Timothy Segers was born in Antwerp, Belgium (°1983), where he now lives and works. Trained as a sculptor and a stage designer, he situates his practice in performance art: in addition to his performances and drawings, the objects he makes interact with the viewer, eliciting their active participation. Every art work offers a diversity of viewpoints, visual triggers that incite the viewers’ own movements.

The exhibition NEVER WITH A BARE FACE incarnates some of Segers’ earliest 'Bearpacking' performances, as he integrates them into a new installation along with a new body of work, of new wooden and metal sculptures.

With a fascination for the mechanisms of ideology, Segers often deploys its tricks, whilst avoiding the finality of power that ideology tends to engender. Instead, the works set off a dialogue of movement and play, effectively involving the onlooker as an active participant. The artist expects nothing less than for them to complete the work.

Over the past decade Timothy Segers has exhibited widely in group shows in Belgium and abroad; most notably, he was the youngest artist selected for The Gap, selected abstract art from Belgium, curated by Luc Tuymans for Parasol unit foundation in London (2016) and M HKA in Antwerp (2016). Segers was also featured in the opening show of Amsterdam Art Rooms alongside Jan Fabre and Sjoerd Buisman in June 2016. He had a solo exhibition at Trampoline Gallery in February 2016.

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