Karina Beumer, Peter Lemmens, Brenda Tempelaar

Tique Salon #14: Karina Beumer, Peter Lemmens and Brenda Tempelaar

For Tique Salon #14, we’ve invited Karina Beumer, Peter Lemmens and Brenda Tempelaar to present their artistic practice and latest publications.

'Where do the characters go when the story ends?' is both a book and a film trilogy by artist Karina Beumer. It comprises Beumer’s recent films 'Open for new challenges', 'Was het maar zo makkelijk' (If only it were that easy) and 'We have to think of something else' (part One and Two). The book chronicles each film frame by frame, interspersing images with texts by Eleanor Duffin, Brenda Tempelaar, Céline Mathieu, Ingrid Verhoeven, Dennis Van Mol, Els, Lise Lotte ten Voorde, Puck Vonk, Stijn Huijts and an accompanying ‘director’s commentary’ dialogue between Beumer and Publication Studio’s Yin Yin Wong, which documents the development of the book itself.

Peter Lemmens is an artist and initiator of publishing house Concat Books. 'HOSTILE TAKEOVER’, 2017' collects all publications produced between 2005 – 2017 for reprint under the new publishing house ‘CONCAT BOOKS’. Also a single new book, especially made for this new publishing house is added. All print-ready PDF files are copied to a USB flash drive. The publishing house has the non-exclusive rights to reprint all publications as it sees fit.

Artist and writer Brenda Tempelaar recently initiated and published 'The Exhibition Tower', an exhibition catalogue that features four exhibitions that took place at the Jan van Eyck academy in Maastricht. The exhibition venue is a one to ten scale model of a tower designed by OMA for Lafayette Anticipations, a new art institute that recently opened in Paris. The Exhibition Tower explores the 40 different configurations of its mobile floors, enhancing curatorial flexibility in a space with an ultimate height of 18 meter.

Tique Salon starts at 19.30 hrs. All talks can be conducted in English.

Tique Salon is formulated and organized by Katrin Kamrau (malenki.net) and Welmer Keesmaat (Tique).

Artists: Karina Beumer, Peter Lemmens, Brenda Tempelaar