Baptiste Audousset, Karina Beumer


For the sixth year in a row, a Belgian and a French artist meet each other during the Résidence Croisée residency program. This collaboration with AIR Clermont-Ferrand gives two artists the opportunity to reside firstly two months in Antwerp and afterward two months in Clermont-Ferrand. Artists Baptiste Audousset (FR) and Karina Beumer (NL / BE) were selected for this edition. During the weekend of November 22 to 24, they present their work-in-progress at AAIR, Ploegstraat 27.

Baptiste Audousset (°1991, lives and works in Noisy-le-Sec) focuses on systems and formats of language and communication. In his installations, sculptures, and drawings, he incorporates influences from poetry and literature. Through research and experimenting with materials and shapes, Baptiste Audousset pushes against the boundaries of the image and the exhibited object, its meaning and representations. Cooperation plays an important role in his activities. For example, he is the initiator and member of the artists’ collective Outreglot and co-editor of the fanzine Nuevos Boloss. Audousset displays a joint installation of video and sculpture.

Karina Beumer (°1988, lives and works in Antwerp) continues to work on the video “Deep Dark Mountain Thoughts” and wanders, just like Molly the protagonist from the video, through the residency. Molly, who resides at the residency, witnesses the birth of a fellow-species. A creation process that is activated by Beumer in various corners of the residency. At the same time, Molly’s adventures are documented in a residency-diary and everyone who walks around in the house is entangled in Molly’s quest. Beumers’ work always starts from drawing, but often leads to other art forms such as music, sculptures, video art, publications and animation. In her alien universe she connects banal issues with personal creations. Her work is critically humorous.

On view:
Friday, November 22: Opening from 7 pm
Saturday and Sunday, from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Artists: Baptiste Audousset, Karina Beumer