Georg Wilson, Kasper De Vos, Stefan Rinck


Nature is revered as the source of life and inspiration. Artists, from solstice to equinox, immerse themselves in its cyclical rhythms to unearth new worlds, ideas, and creatures. In TOTEM, nature serves as the cornerstone for practices that hover at the intersection of history, mysticism, and humour. Artists Stefan Rink, Kasper de Vos, and Georg Wilson embark on a journey to rediscover often overlooked aspects of nature from diverse standpoints.

A Totem, traditionally an object or person representing a particular quality or concept, acts as an emblem bridging immaterial ideas and reality. Within the exhibition, painter Georg Wilson delves into ecology and history, expressed through personal experiences and folklore. Her paintings depict imagined landscapes inhabited by enigmatic creatures outside hierarchical structures. Stefan Rinck meticulously sculpts stone characters drawn from a fantastical realm, melding contemporary culture with historical references. His whimsical sculptures, reminiscent of Boschian visions, blend satirical wit with dark humor. Meanwhile, Kasper De Vos engages with societal issues by playfully manipulating natural materials, his farcical installations combine unconventional objects that challenge cultural perceptions and consumerism.

Artists: Georg Wilson, Kasper De Vos, Stefan Rinck

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