Ignace Cami


The multi-disciplinary practice of Ignace Cami (b. 1986, BE) is deeply rooted in folklore, identity and tradition. Trained as a printmaker and sculptor, his early works were mostly sculptures, drawings and videos testing the contemporary meaning of local history. From autonomous and static artworks he started moving towards more active and social ways of distributing his works as well as physically being a part of them.

Cami now researches the possibilities of performative objects and storytelling, often using objects to summon his narratives, often using objects to summon his narratives. Baked cookies, but also drinking glasses chained to goose heads, fragile spinning tops, crumpled-up papers, small sachets of honey, or ceramic rubbing plates evoke tender stories full of humor.

Opening Thursday 4 November from 18- 21

Artists: Ignace Cami

Also happening at Trompo