29.02.2020–11.04.2020 Two Men Standing. Part 3 OUT OF SIGHT

Minna Henriksson, Johanna Kirsch, Ria Pacquée, Zoran Todorović and Gosie Vervloessem

Try to freeze this image in your mind: two men standing in a landscape. Now sink below the ground. See the sediments of the past. Add layers of culture and all the different interpretations of history and believes. Two people, thus two images, collide – an empty-handed man that walks through the landscape, looking for a place to settle. Then a man of plenty, trying to exclude the other from the land that he claims belongs to him. Law of nature and law of man superimposed.

Ria Pacquée will open the exhibition "Two Men Standing. Part 3" with her performance "Line drawn with emotion". A wall drawing by Minna Henriksson resulted from a collaborative research of ‘race science’ in the Nordic countries between the 1850s and 1945, by the artist and archaeologist Fredrik Svanberg. "Integration" by Zoran Todorović is an illegal people project, realised in a refugee center in Belgrade through which refugees from the Near East and Africa were passing. Todorović collected their urine on the basis of which a domestic beer was made. The installation “I don't want to be a prepper" by Johanna Kirsch is situated in dystopian now. The work contemplates possible catastrophes from the western perspective of the global north and the individual eagerness to survive. "The Horror Garden" is an investigative performance and installation by Gosie Vervloessem, trying to answer questions about the relationship between humans and plants. Do people treat plants with respect? Do plants feel recognised and understood? What happens when plants break out of the background of our living rooms?

On the very last day the exhibition will end with Ria Pacquée’s performance "Line drawn without emotion".

The exhibition is generously supported by the City of Antwerp, the Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels, dasKULTURforum Antwerpen and the Finnish Cultural Institute for Benelux.



Opening ::
Saturday, 29 February at 18h

Program of the opening ::
19:00 Performance LINE DRAWN WITH EMOTION by Ria Pacquée
Performance THE HORROR GARDEN by Gosie Vervloessem