Fleur De Roeck, Anouk Van Offenwert

Ultra Tale of Marine

During the Antwerp Art weekend, PONTI is pleased to present a duo exhibition by Fleur De Roeck and Anouk Van Offenwert. The central theme of “Ultra Tale of Marine” is both the maritime world, in the form of an installation by Fleur De Roeck and the versatility of the colour ultramarine blue. Canvasses and drawings by the artists often feel fluid, a little watercolour-like. Many colours of blue and green will fill the space through the canvasses by Van Offenwerk and the oil drawings by De Roeck, who merge their work by transforming a 17th-century basement into an underwater cave, into which visitors can descend. Something else that connects the two artists is their enjoyment of painting and their curiosity about how materials interact with paper and canvas. “Ultra Tale of Marine” can be seen as a “joie de peintre” exhibition, which we hope viewers will experience and every visitor can go home with a square meter of Fleur De Roeck's water cave.

During the festive opening on Thursday 16 May, there will be a musical performance "Bubble Gum Escape" by Fleur De Roeck starting at 8pm.

Artists: Fleur De Roeck, Anouk Van Offenwert

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