Florian Hetz

unusual experiences

Florian Hetz's first solo exhibition at Everyday Gallery.
Opening Friday the 14th of July from 6 till 8.30 pm.

Florian Hetz's practice emphasises sensuality and tactility, in 'unusual experiences' he seeks to further explore these themes. This appeal to the senses is thematically recurring in Hetz's body of work, stating that viewers should be able to feel as though they could almost touch and smell the subjects of his photographs. The intimate manner in which subjects are depicted extends beyond the photographs of bodies, Hetz draws similarities between his human and non-human subjects through compositional and stylistic consistency, allowing these non-human subjects the same tenderness and tactility. Through his subjects and their framing, Hetz counters socio-cultural conventions of portraiture as well as challenging and playing with the idea of masculinity and the body. He aims to uproot hidden desires and memories, facilitating a space wherein the viewer can navigate these themes in a meaningful way. Hetz wants you to stare, not look away.

Artists: Florian Hetz