Victor Verhelst


Victor Verhelst (born 1997) is a Belgian graphic artist whose work lies between
autonomous and commissioned artistic projects.

Verhelst has worked as a graphic artist on cultural assignments for PUBLIEK PARK (Young
Friends S.M.A.K.), Record Label, Kiosk Radio, Permekemuseum, Europalia,
and numerous other cultural collaborators. He is also founder of Moriso, a lab and research
center on the use of Riso printing techniques in which he and fellow artist-designers explore
the extent to which the medium can be exploited on his Riso Duplicator. This manifests
itself in publications, more intimate investigations, editions and magazines.

Always started from a digital work the output of Victor Verhelst's autonomous work
consists of very diverse mediums: from keeping it digital as an art NFT to unique pieces
in riso printing, from large sized tapestry to works with interactive game technology.

TOXIC HAWAII is part of his ongoing series is called TRIPPY VEGAS: his conception of a growing digital city
consisting of virtual cityscapes and patterns. The distortion and juxtaposition of 2D and 3D
images planes in the creation of figurative color combinations characterises his graphic work.

Opening December 3.
The gallery will be open from 3pm until 9pm thanks to our participation to Antwerp Art Nocturne.
Exhibition is on view from 03.12.2022 - 08.01.2023

Artists: Victor Verhelst

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